About Smartware Technologies
Smartware Technologies (P) Limited is a leading broadband and business communications provider serving consumers, businesses of all sizes and government agencies across the national service area. Leveraging its advanced fiber optic network spanning more than 2000 locations, Smartware Technologies (P) Limited offers a wide range of communications solutions, including: data, voice, video, managed services, cloud computing and wireless backhaul.

Our experienced, technical team is committed to delivering a better experience and meeting our customers’ needs. With a rich history and track record of stability and innovation, we are here for you today and tomorrow as your trusted, long-term communication service provider.
Our Mission Vision and Values
We are dedicated to turning technology into solutions, connecting people and enriching how our customers work and live. Our goal is to make Internet access available to the remotest part of the nation.

We pride ourselves on delivering a better experience by putting our customers’ needs first; building a stronger community through employee volunteerism and company giving; and evolving and innovating to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.
Connecting Remote unserved areas of India
Smartware has a proven ability to shape rural deployment strategies, while driving innovative thinking. Over the past decade, we have connected and served some of the most challenging terrains.Smartware is working to deliver critical broadband services to these rural regions and to connect them to each other and to the world. This is about much more than a fast connection — it is about people's livelihoods, education, and well-being. We believe that internet access is vital in today's digital age to create and sustain jobs, to ensure security, and provide equal opportunity healthcare and education to all. We strive to create economic opportunities for everyone and to advance rural telecommunication models that are sustainable, scalable, and replicable.
Our Expertise
As stated, innovation lies at the heart of Smartware Technologies growth story. Our success is associated with a commitment to technologies and standards that lower the barrier to entry for users and drive down equipment costs. Smartware Technologies was one of the first Internet Service Providers to deliver the local cloud technology to the rural education sector which is now a globally accepted reference for stable and reliable rural education and infotainment services. However, the most important component of this strength lies in the skills of the team who work at Smartware Technologies . Without the skill, knowledge and most importantly the dedication of our staff, we would not have seen the growth and success that we have witnessed so far.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Smartware Technologies Private Limited is a Class A Internet Service Provider (All India - Service Area) and a member of Global Association for Government Service Providers.