SmartWAN is an SD-WAN solution which optimizes access to all applications in the data centre and the cloud. Traditional networks were designed to deliver applications from a central data centre, with low latency from each site. As applications move to the cloud, traffic can take an indirect route, resulting in poor performance. Extending MPLS connectivity to geographically remote sites is simply not feasible but with Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions it’s no longer a concern.

SmartWAN is a device which integrates a host of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) capabilities (including an application-intelligent router, a firewall, and additional WAN optimisation and security functions). The device is shipped to your site and simply plugs into the edge of your network, extending SDN aware MPLS WAN directly into your site.
Lower your network costs

Our hybrid networking approach enables the use of low cost, high bandwidth internet circuits together with business critical connections.

Application intelligent routing

Application intelligent routing ensures the fastest physical connection and path for the application. Our network and Edge both adapt dynamically.

Reliable & secured service

Our unique cloud fabric network adapts with demand to deliver predictable and reliable, encrypted connections.

Network acceleration

With integrated WAN optimisation and acceleration, users can experience LAN-like performance and use less bandwidth.

Bring your own link

SmartWAN can be deployed as an overlay to new or existing 3rd party links. This allows fast integration of multiple networks into one domain regardless of service provider.