Wireless Network
The pace of digital change is accelerating. You need to proactively anticipate and respond to the needs of your digital business and drive cloud transformation. To do this, secure, flexible, high-speed connectivity is essential.Wireless network supports the goals of digital transformation. We bring you expertise with best-of-breed partners and strong capabilities along with:

We develop solutions based on your security policy so that everything valuable to you is protected but remains accessible to those who need it, both inside and outside your business.

Strong operational and network capacities:

we operate all over India to ensure a fully-managed, end-to-end service,

Cloud transformation expertise:

Transitioning to the cloud is easier with a trusted partner, like Smartware Technologies, that has strong cloud design and infrastructure deployment capabilities as well as an infinite capacity to connect customers to major cloud service providers.

Compatibility with any infrastructure:

We offer a future-proof solution that can be integrated with the facilities that you already have, because of our capabilities in thorough planning, automation and implementation.

Grow Your Business With Us

Connectivity is critical to digital businesses today. At Smartware Technologies, we ensure that you can quickly and securely access your applications and data on demand, anywhere in the world, and scale your network as often and as fast as you need to. We manage a fully automated, programmable network with virtualized services that are centrally managed for end-to-end performance and control. We’re committed to reducing complexity, designing future-proof solutions and supporting you every step of the way.


Intent-based networking enables us to configure your network according to your business priorities and the real-time health of each link. Our software-defined WAN solutions deliver reliability, predictable application performance and improved security.


We provide a choice of on-premise and cloud-based, next-generation firewalls, depending on the volume of traffic at each site, so you will be able to access your network securely, wherever you are.


The industry is moving from a proprietary, hardware-centric world to a new software-centric, open, agile and flexible future. Our portfolio and consulting services ensure that you can quickly support new digital business models, workflows and customer interaction channels.

Reduce costs with flexible networking

Wireless Network can significantly reduce network hardware and management costs and complexity. It ensures exact payble for used bandwidth and no suffering from the hidden costs of congestion, which impacts productivity and customer satisfaction.

Enterprises use a lot of application services to keep applications safe, fast and available. We give you a choice of vendors and ensure that each service can be dynamically provisioned and scaled up and down as needed.

Our adaptable, virtualized cybersecurity solution and centrally managed security platform provide the multi-layered, dynamic approach to security that is essential for protecting your business from constantly changing threats.