Smart Cities, IoT & Security
Smart is efficiency, security, robustness and coverage. Smartware Technologies provides the infrastructure required to develop a connected society.
Data Transportation
Smartware Technologies has in place a network of 60 MPLS nodes, extensive coverage by means of radio links and a private connection to the Amazon cloud infrastructure to offer the most advanced data transportation and hosting services.
Security and Control
The availability and security of communications are fundamental in emergency situations. Smartware Technologies provides quality solutions for secure communication by different types of fleet and vehicle.
Smart Communication Network
Integrated and adaptable solutions to make the Smart concept a tangible reality, and improve the management of both urban and rural environments.
Smart Services
Comprehensive real-time management. Smartware Technologies offers a transversal service to optimise resources and efficiency in city management.
Managed Services and Community
At Smartware Technologies we believe that the monitoring and maintenance of installations is fundamental in the development of our projects.